Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Thailand Part 1 - From Chicago to Bangkok

Although I didn't blog during my trip, I sent a whole lot of emails to my parents. So, this summarizes.

Wednesday, March 4th, 4:45pm in Chicago
Thursday, March 5th, 5:45am in Hong Kong
Howdy! I made it to Hong Kong. I sat next to two of the very few other white people on the plane. They were headed to Bali for only four days. The girl's college friend is getting married in an Indian wedding (4 days long for 1 wedding). The flight from Chicago was about 15 hours. I watched the newest hunger games movie while eating dinner, then started watching Birdman (just the won oscar for best picture) but fell asleep for a few hours. I watched the rest of Whiplash, then slept... Then finished Birdman, then slept a bit more, then watching the kids movie, Big Hero 6, while they served us breakfast. Big Hero 6 was the best of all the movies I watched. For dinner we had 3 choices, chicken, beef, or pasta. I got beef. It came with potato salad with salmon and cheesecake. Sort of a weird combo but not bad. For breakfast we got eggs with bacon, spinach, and tomato. And yogurt, fruit, and a muffin. The breakfast was really good. All in all, really not too bad. It's around 6:30am here and my flight to bangkok departs at 9:10. I'm gonna wander the airport a bit more. Flight from here to Bangkok is about 3 hours. I'm having a great time so far, already excited to shower again though. Sure am glad we did the grand canyon before this, it really set the bar for dirtiness and the amount of stuff I need. I'm so proud of how little I packed! But I think I need a new water bottle. I packed the same one but it smells weird, might be moldy or something.
OK that's all I have to report so far. I'll touch base next time I have internet!

Scene: March 5th, mid-afternoon in Hong Kong
Made it! Free wifi in my room. It's soooo hot. Humid hot. I walked about 10 min from the train stop to my hotel and was drenched. Might be doing a lot of laundry. I'm at the pool now and will head to my bike tour around 4. I'll update you more tonight.
my hotel room in BKK

One word describes my arrival in Bangkok, HOT.
view of Bangkok from my hotel room

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