Saturday, March 28, 2015

Thailand Part 11 - Koh Samui to Koh Phanang

Sunday, March 14th

Matt, Kimber, and I spent the morning visiting the Big Buddha statue, and taking care of a few travel errands as we packed up our things in Koh Samui.
very big Buddha on Koh Samui

pre-ferry boat beers on Koh Samui
Ready to board the ferry to Koh Phanang
 The plan was for us to meet Jaime and Marta at the boat dock on Koh Samui so the five of us could ride together to Koh Phanang. We waited for a bit, but neither of them arrived.
our ride
 Just as we were about to depart, I see a blonde girl with a gigantic purple backpack, wearing flip flops and yoga pants, running up to the boat. I say, "JAIME!" Kimber and I run up and go to the boat entrance, but she's nowhere to be found. We walk back around to the front of the boat while I'm thinking, "she was just there!" Eventually, we make it back to our seats to find Matt and Jaime chatting away. Long story short, she JUST made it!
on the boat. Jaime barely made it!
 We arrived in Koh Phanang, still uncertain of Marta's whereabouts. Knowing she'll figure it out, the four of us boarded a songthaew and headed north to our next destination.

She made it!

the front yard of our guest house in Koh Phanang
 In Koh Phanang, we spent two nights at the Baan Panburi Village at Yai Beach. It was beautiful. Not long after we checked in, Marta joined us. One thing learned with international travel, just meet at the hotel.

All of us together
beach time in Thailand

Sunset, our first night all together.

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