Friday, March 27, 2015

Thailand Part 8 - Angkor Wat

Thursday, March 12

It's my last night in Cambodia. I'm back on the rooftop, having some soup and egg rolls for dinner. And more Cambodian beer. I ordered Tom Yum soup, which is from Laos, but I never ate it while there. And, I looked it up on Wikipedia before so I'd know sorta what it was. I saw it on menus everywhere in Laos. Wikipedia describes it as sour/spicy. This version is definitely sour, it's crazy flavors. Chicken, tomatoes, onions, and a bunch of green herbs. Broth is orange colored... Tasty. Not spicy at all though. My curry last night was hot!

And, I'm gonna head to the airport around 11.45am tmr and should hopefully be in Thailand by 4-5pm. I have to fly through Bangkok to get to Ko Samui, the island Kimber and I are staying Fri and Sat night. And, my friend Matt is in India for work now, and decided to join up with us on Saturday. So, it'll be great to have people to talk with more. Also, funny to return to Thailand so soon. My passport will get another Thai stamp. I have until 2023 before it expires so I want to get tons more stamps by then. But I think I will take a break from third world countries for a bit. I feel like I stand out too much being a blond white girl. I'd like to go somewhere like Sweeden or... Australia next where I won't be so obvious a tourist.

Today, Angkor Wat was really cool, but tourism has really taken over this area. It's hard to take in the super nice hotels/resorts next door to people living in tiny shacks. And, inside Angkor there are tons of tiny kids and women of all ages trying to sell goods. They ask you again and again if you want to buy postcards, books, mangos, etc... which sort of interrupts the experience. But, except for that, it was cool to see so many famous temples. They are about 1,000 years old and for the most part, built to last. Some of them have been invaded by trees. The "tree temple" was my favorite. My reading said that these were originally thought to be Roman for how well designed they were. Makes me want to go see what the Romans can do now. I guess Angkor was built around the same time as Notre Dame? Kind of crazy how different the architecture is.

OK I'm going to wrap up dinner and head back down to get ready for bed. I was asleep by 8:30pm last night and I won't be far behind tonight. Funny thing about going to bed that early is I wake up at like 12 or 1am thinking it's morning, and every time am delighted to know I have many more hours to sleep. Sad to know I probably won't continue that streak when I join up with my friends.
sunrise at Angkor
good morning Angkor Wat
Temple Touring

Elephants at Angkor

Bayon Temple

Trees at Ta Prohm

crazy roots

Temple Selfie

Trees > Temples

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