Thursday, March 26, 2015

Thailand Part 6 - Sabaidee

Tuesday, March 10th

Well, I used up my $40 USD in 24 hours! Oops! Most things cost between 10-40k kips and I guess I bought a lot? Dinner last night... Breakfast ($3), lunch ($4), dinner ($4)... And I got my laundry done but didn't even have enough kips left to pay her! And the money exchange place was closed after 5:30pm, so I felt really bad, and have to return to her with 5k more kip tomorrow (about 50 cents). Ugh, oops. I'm gonna exchange $20 more USDs which should surely last me until I leave for the airport around 1. Breakfast, lunch, cab ride... Hopefully that's enough. I'll leave extras for the house keeping cleaning people. And buy some snacks!

Today I did not end up biking, but rather visited some caves with the Argentinean girl, Ralima, and 3 French ladies. I ran into Ralima (her name is something like that) on my walk back from breakfast this morning and we decided to so the caves together. It turned into quite a day, as what I thought would be about a 2 hr journey was more like 4-5 hours. We went waaay down the Mekong river by boat to see the caves, then pretty much came right back. It was a long way, but I really enjoyed the boat ride. We split up after that and decided to meet in the morning (530am) to watch the monks walk the street for their daily alms. I've already seen more monks in 1 place than ever before, just walking around to/from, but I am quite sure tomorrow will be pretty neat.
Luang Prabang, Laos

my journey to the top of Mount Phousi

Temple at the top of the "mountain."

mid-morning break before the boat ride

The French tourists on the boat ride with us

On a boat ride to see some Buddhas

Ridin' in style down the Mekong

monks in Laos

Real Laos

the caves

some of the 1,000s of Buddhas

More of the Buddhas

Really excited about the elephant behind me

Monks heading home for the day
Well, it's 7pm here and I'm exhausted. I was gonna go get a Laobeer at the bars down the road but... I ran out of money. Haha, shoot. Guess I have to go to sleep. 

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